Pats Auto Repair

                           Pat's Auto Repair                                                           (Mobile Mechanic)                                                            512-731-0464                               NOW ACCEPTING CREDIT AND DEBIT PAYMENTS!!! 

Shops give their "Customers" prices that inspire thoughts of buying a new vehicle.

 I provide affordable rates that my "Clients" can afford to keep their car on the road. Not only does this keeps your vehicle alive but also insures that my clients will be using my services in the future  vs feeling that a repair is simply to expensive.

No mark up on parts, I prefer my clients to acquire the parts beforehand. If this is not a possibility, I will provide a ride to and from the parts store.   

 The larger jobs will require pricing, naturally you can just pick up the phone and contact free of charge. If one chooses to text, include the make, model and year of the vehicle in question as well as what needs to be done. I might not answer your text right away but I assure you it will be responded to same day.


 Bellow is just a random share. Proud to state MY Isuzu smoked every vehicle running in this event. 


 I  accept credit and debit card payments through Square Up as well as checks.



Disk, front or rear, 50. 1 year warranty 80. front and rear.

Drums, 65. 1 year warranty

Alternators: Example: Ford f150: 50.2000 Ford Contour 75. 1 year warranty

Starters: Example: Ford or Chevy P/U 50. 91 Subaru Legacy 75. 1 year warranty

No start diagnosis: Any vehicle 40.

Fuel Pump any vehicle 100.

C.V Axle replacement 75-150.






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    Bobi M.
    I've recommended this guy so many times..
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    Linda Greene