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Quotes Smart guy! Sweet as Southern Tea. How easy is it to have him pull into your driveway and replace a battery, saving you tow charges and outrages costs. This person knows what is what. Speed dial for and anything smaller. The encounter was A+ Quotes
Linda Greene

Quotes I found "Pat's Mobile Auto" when I Googled for a local (Omaha/Council Bluffs area) person to come to our rescue for a riding lawn mower repair. Pat was amazing to say the least ! He offered to drive out to a somewhat remote farm property which was about a 30 min drive for him each way. Then when he arrived, he wasted no time and began working. He gave me a quote up front which seemed more than reasonable for a job that was somewhat complicated. He changed the transmission drive belt on my Cub cadet mower in about an hour or so. Although he was unfamiliar with my model, he quickly analyzed the project and efficiently got the job done. While he was there, he helped to properly re-install the mower deck belt that I tried to install myself which I had not connected properly. Pat also gave me some help by re-installing a front wheel that was loose and literally fell off while he was changing the belt. Pat is the best mechanic I have ever met. I highly recommend him ! Quotes
Finance Manager, Jensen Imports

Quotes 2002 Mitsubishi Galant had an issue with not starting every now and then and eventually gave a code. Got the code scanned at Autozone and found out it was Cam Sensor. I ordered the part on Amazon and asked my mechanic for a quote which turned out to be twice as much as what Pat charged and it took less than a half hour! He cleared the code and said to let him know if it comes back. This was 6 months ago and no code and the car is working great! Quotes

Quotes I called Pat about a lawnmower that was not working and the brakes on my van. Pat came out and fixed the mower and did the brakes on the spot and was done in a couple hours. Pat shows up prepared and ready to work. He charged a very reasonable rate and really knows what he's doing. From now on he's my number one call. Thank you Pat. Quotes
Mike Musselman

Quotes Pat has been my mobile mechanic for about a year. He has always been very prompt and reliable. He gives me great prices for the repairs he has done for me. I have never needed additional repairs on services he has performed for me. This week I enlisted him to find me a new car. I gave him $3500, due to my unavailability while at work, and within 36 hours I was the proud new owner of a 2000 VW Passat in great condition. Pat is very honest and trustworthy! Thanks Pat!! Quotes
Andrea Linson

Quotes 5/6/04 Pat is amazing at what he does. I called him Sunday afternoon for assitance with my car 97 Mtsubishi Ecipse. I had driven out on the country roads Friday night and it started making a very loud noise. I described my problem to him over the phone and he was very knowlegable about what could cause my problem. He arrived after finishing a job he was on. Once he looked at the tire he determined what the exact problem was, a short trip to the auto parts store and about an hour and thirty minutes later the car was fixed and the noise was gone. The man knows what he's doing and his rates are fair! I've already recommended him to my roommate Ashley. Quotes
Alejandro (a.k.a Alex) M.
Life Enthusiast

Quotes 12/30/2013 My car stooped running in Bellevue, Ne. and Patrick just happened by and immediately diagnosed the problem and got me started. He did not ask for any money but I felt obligated to give this man some money for the kindness that he showed me. Use this guy. He is one of a kind. Quotes
James Wagner
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Patrick is hardworking and dedicated to his job. He replaced a sway bar on my Saturn. He showed up on time and got the job done. I will use his services again. Thank you Patrick for your hard work and entertainment with your funny jokes! Quotes
Nice Guy

Quotes Hey folks, Patrick knows his stuff and will tell you the truth, you can't ask for more than that. He just changed my rear wheel cylinders, quoted at Firestone for $370, total cost with Pat? $138 ($230 in labor became less than $100 and one part, I didn't even need). Patrick, you are the man! Keep up the good work! Quotes
Mike Long
Repeat customer (for a reason)

Quotes Our family was interested in a 1950 Oldsmobile convertible out in Omaha but I didnt have time to fly out and inspect the vehicle myself. I called Pat and the next day he was able to go to the dealership and run a full "Condition report" for us. He tested compression and ran through every system giving us detailed information on what needed replacing and roughly when other parts would need service. He took many pictures of every possible problem area and gave me pages of info to make our assessment. Pat is a great mechanic! His rate is very fair. I actually felt we underpaid, so I tipped him an extra 50% on what we were quoted. If youre looking for a mechanic in the area, give Pat a call. Im glad we did! Quotes
Out of State Customer
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  • "I called Pat a couple years ago to help me with my Dodge Intrepid. I needed a new alternator and he was awesome. The review from Alex M with the 97 Mitsubishi is a friend of min..."
    Bobi M.
    I've recommended this guy so many times..
  • "Smart guy! Sweet as Southern Tea. How easy is it to have him pull into your driveway and replace a battery, saving you tow charges and outrages costs. This person knows what is ..."
    Linda Greene