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Quotes Called Friday and told him alternator has gone out on car. He came over to my house right away even though I live in the country with no hesitation. Put alternator on and the car is running good. He also told me to put a little amont of antifreeze in the coolant reserivor and the next day text me to remind me of this. Now how many mechanics would do that. I was really glad that I had found him. I will be using him again and all the people I know will be told about his services. Excellent no complaints. Quotes

Quotes Patrick was awesome!! I tried calling other mechanics and got no response. He answered right away. He came and picked me up and we drove to where my car was, which was a ways away. What it cost me in parts and his labor was way cheaper than it would have cost just to tow it to my house! He is extremely fair!!! I now know who to call when I have problems with my car. I would recommend him to any and all!! Thanks again for your help! 6-27-14 Quotes

Quotes Patrick did an excellent job on my 1988 Porsche 924S, and the next day fix my daugfhters 2000 Land Rover Discovery that barely ran.The man is awsome. Great price and very dependable Quotes
Eddie Vaughan

Quotes was without a car for a month replaced hundreds in parts before calling patrick due to other so called mechanics patrick was great saved me a bunch got me going in less than a day will never call anyone ever again also very funny great conversation Quotes
jason dueling
happy customer

Quotes I called Patrick to replace a starter on our 2001 Chrylser T & C. After looking at it, he thought it may not be the starter, so he cleaned everthing up and charged me "What ever I thought was fair". The next day it didn't start and he was there in a flash. Put in the new starter and only charged what he had quoted the day before, TOTAL...$60.00. Saved me 100's. I'm going to keep this guy on speed dial. Thanks Patrick. Quotes
Starter Starts now, Omaha

Quotes Had Pat do a brake job on a 2002 Chevy Blazer. Thought we just needed front brakes but wound up needing back brakes, too. Pat did good work, was quick with the repair and wound up saving me about $300. I'm definitely going to call him again whenever I need any work done on my cars. Everyone is always looking for an honest mechanic. I've found one in Pat. Quotes

Quotes This guy knows his stuff and is the most genuine mechanic I've met so far. He'l tell you his honest professional opinion and try to explain how it works and why it's bad and whatnot. I'd chose Pat over any mechanic Quotes
Customer in Omaha

Quotes Pat services my cars(Dealer) and is reliable. I dont know nor care about the man's personal life but rather compliment his services. Its not everyday you find an economical and efficient mechanic that works FOR YOU, not for an weekly pay check. Plus this guy DRIVES to YOU, now that is catering services with a wrench. Take advantage of this guy. -J. Quotes
Juan Hernandez
Mechanic Reference

Quotes got a quote from a brake repair shop for $800, then took my truck to this guy at 5127310464 and he determined I didn\'t need any work done at all. He was honest, didn\'t charge me anything, and saved me a pant load. Quotes

Quotes I called Pat a couple years ago to help me with my Dodge Intrepid. I needed a new alternator and he was awesome. The review from Alex M with the 97 Mitsubishi is a friend of mine that I referred to Pat as well. He's honest, fair and fast. Anytime someone says they need a mechanic I always recommend Pat. Quotes
Bobi M.
I've recommended this guy so many times..


  • "I called Pat a couple years ago to help me with my Dodge Intrepid. I needed a new alternator and he was awesome. The review from Alex M with the 97 Mitsubishi is a friend of min..."
    Bobi M.
    I've recommended this guy so many times..
  • "Smart guy! Sweet as Southern Tea. How easy is it to have him pull into your driveway and replace a battery, saving you tow charges and outrages costs. This person knows what is ..."
    Linda Greene