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Quotes So .. I can honestly say hands down that Pat is the BEST mechanic i've ever been too! He brough my car back from the dead! As a college student, money is hard to keep in my pocket. I got quotes from other car shops and mechanics, and they all quoted me a bazillion dollars. Finally even though i was skeptic, i called Pat whose ad i got from Cragslist, and he came out within 15 minutes. He priced my car at 100.00 to fix, 250 total (for the parts) and spent 7 HOURS working on it. We were out there from 1 to 8 ! Even though he was tired and it was BLAZING HOT, he said he would not raise the price for his labor, provided hilarious conversation, and saved me a BUNCH of money. i will definitely not go to another mechanic EVER for as long as i'm in Austin. He is THE best ! :) Quotes
Samone Hamilton
Alternator from HELL; Mechanic from HEAVEN !!!

Quotes andrew twenter 12:30 AM on August 02, 2011 by I found an ad for Pat on craigslist when I first moved to Austin, nearly two years ago. He has been the only mechanic I've used since. He is incredibly fast, fair and efficient, and I highly recommend him. Quotes

Quotes If you need a good and honest but still fair mechanic Pat's auto repairs is the guy for you..he came out to change a heater core in my buick he took his time and made sure everything was installed properly.When other mechanics where charging me a arm and a leg pat worked with me and gave me a good price that was in my budget range.There are a lot of so called mechanics out there that just want to rob you for every penny and a week later the problem is back but pat you can trust 110% to get the job done so give him a call you wont be disappointed...... thanks pat car is blowing out heat a lot better then before and no mist fogging up the windows any more. you will be hearing from me again for future service.. Ronnie Coronado January 05, 2011 by in Austin, TX Quotes
Ronnie Coronado
top notch

Quotes Patrick Roger's in my opinion is my best mechanic till this day. He provided excellent service at a very affordable rate. I had a problem with my vehicle, due to past mechanic error, he diagnosed this quickly, and got right on with fixing the problem. Not only did i save over 800 dollars not taking my vehicle to a shop to get it fixed, but he also offered very honest, wise, advice on how to maintain your vehicle to last its full potential. I can't say i could have been any more satisfied with any mechanic. This guy is truly the best. 5/5 stars hands down! Quotes
Philip Brukwicz
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Patrick helped me fix and sell my car. The car was not even in the driving condition. He figured out what is wrong, fixed it quickly and found a buyer in less than 3 days! If you have a car that needs any kind of work, be sure to give him a call. Quotes
Good Job!

Quotes My Way Mobile Mechanic! I told "Andy" I was almost positive it was the starter. When he and his dad(Kenneth), looked at the car Kenneth said, "I don't think it's the you see how hard it is to get to the starter?" THe two men decided it was then the I went to get a battery! As a single mother with no man standing behind me I was scared at this point!! As they were working I begin to notice they were both extremely high and it was obvious they probably had not slept in days....and when I met them at Auto Zone thier car had broke down so I had to wait for them??? I know it all seems so bizarre but to top it off they did not fix the problem. I them had to call another mechanic (Patrick Rodgers 512-731-0464) to replace the starter afterall! I know that they did not want to replace the starter so they rigged it and said it was something else...I got RIPPED OFF!! BE CAREFUL!! [email protected] Quotes
Rachel Maxwell

Quotes I hired him for 2 different cars for brake work and tune-up - He's saved me a ton of money and the work is top-notch. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes 12/2/2010 First to Review Pat is great! Patrick comes to your sight, fixes your car, and gives you a very honest price. I first used him this past Thanksgiving when my car would not start- I was thinking, great, I need to go out of town and I have no idea what it can be (I just got a new battery from Wal-Mart so I was thinking, OMG, could it be the alternator or something expensive?). Pat came to my car way out near Lakeway within the hour and only charged me $35 for everything even on a Holiday(it was a bad cable connection and he even checked my alternator to see if it was ok). I will use him anytime I have problems with my car! Quotes
Lynn G

Quotes Called him up, he TRIED to fit me into his schedule. Was able to come to my home and get my no start car running. Great diagnostic skills. Checked Fuel pump PSI, ignition spark and timing within 15 minutes! Eliminated everything and pinpointed ECU issue with injectors. He went to the salvage yard for me, pulled the ECU and had my car back on the road withing four hours! Great guy, a bit hard to catch same day service from him. Highly suggest giving a days notice at least. He was out within 24 hours of calling and ended up charging 100$ For ALL the work, including his time going to the salvage yard. August 20, 2010 by John Oliver in Austin, TX Quotes
John Oliver
Great Mechanic
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  • "I called Pat a couple years ago to help me with my Dodge Intrepid. I needed a new alternator and he was awesome. The review from Alex M with the 97 Mitsubishi is a friend of min..."
    Bobi M.
    I've recommended this guy so many times..
  • "Smart guy! Sweet as Southern Tea. How easy is it to have him pull into your driveway and replace a battery, saving you tow charges and outrages costs. This person knows what is ..."
    Linda Greene